Sienna Miller wants to Getty married

Sienna_sideBy Rav Singh

SMITTEN SIENNA MILLER dreams of marrying millionaire BALTHAZAR GETTY, I can reveal.

It comes after the dad-of-four confirmed this week that he had left Rosetta, his wife of eight years.

And if the 33-year-old heir to a £25 BILLION oil fortune gets a quickie divorce, Sienna, 26, hopes they'll be able tie the knot in the future.

A source told me: "Sienna is crazy about Balthazar.

"She knew that she would get absolutely hammered by everyone when their affair came out.

"That's why she was so desperate to keep it secret.

"Now that it's all out in the open, she's keen to settle down. She's really hoping he will divorce quickly and marry her."

I can reveal how Balthazar romanced Sienna while still married to Rosetta.

She had no idea anything was wrong with the marriage when he jetted to Europe to see his sick mother in May.

In fact, Getty was going to Prague to see Sienna while she filmed her new movie GI Joe there.

Balthazar's secret was blown when his sister Anna found out about his cover story and confronted him.

Balthazar, who made his name as a child actor in Lord Of The Flies, publicly denied the affair.

But he was later pictured frolicking with a topless Sienna on a yacht off Italy's Amalfi coast.

The images prompted his fashion designer wife Rosetta, 37, to break a dignified silence and say she feels "humiliated" by his behaviour.

GettyThis week, Balthazar announced he had split from Rosetta after pictures of him kissing Sienna were splashed worldwide.

He said in a statement this week: "The breakdown of a marriage is a very difficult and painful experience, especially when children are involved.

"I felt it necessary to acknowledge publicly that yes, indeed, my wife and I have separated."

Getty married Rosetta Millington in 2000 and had kids Cassius, seven, Grace, six, Violet, five, and eight-month-old June Catherine.

My source added: "He is obviously in bits because of the problems in his marriage but he can't get enough of Sienna.

"Sienna is like a drug— you can't give her up."

Sexy Sienna was once engaged to British film heart-throb JUDE LAW. She's also been involved with Bond star DANIEL CRAIG and Notting Hill funnyman RHYS IFANS.

She has been linked with so many men that the influential celebrity blogger PEREZ HILTON has nicknamed her Sluttienna on his website.

Speaking recently about the public backlash over her affair with Getty, Sienna said: "It's hard for me to be taken seriously as an actress because of the amount of men I've supposedly slept with."



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She is a home recker. She is selfish, and dosnt give a damn about anyone herself.


"Wants to marry quickly." Nothing to do with the £25 billion inheritance, then?

If BG has cheated once, whats to say hes not going to do the same again with some other starlet in a few years time?


she dose not know what she wants,getty should try & save his marriage

derek stuart

I wish she'd meet an eskimo, and just sod off


Madness. He probably told her he planned to marry her just to keep the affair going. I like Sienna, but she seems rather thoughtless.


She always strikes me as looking rather grubby. With all her reported sexcapades, she probably doesnt have time to give herself a good scrub down.


He doesnt have the money yet! He should bear in mind that despite being a "getty", Rosetta is very powerful in hollywood and has plenty of friends in high places, and shes entitled to HALF! Hope she takes him for everything he's got, im sure we would then see Sienna getting bored and "wanting to be selfish for just a little bit longer" pretty sharpish. She's basically a just a pointless wannabe famous little tart!

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