Madonna goes to moon - like Virgin

Madonna_side YOU Lunar-tic! MADONNA wants to fly to the MOON to get away from her brother's tell-all book about her life, I can reveal.

The Queen of Pop says she can't wait to pay £100,000 to hop onboard RICHARD BRANSON'S SpaceShipTwo, the vehicle he says will turn space tourism into a reality by 2013.

It will put plenty of space between her and CHRISTOPHER CICCONE'S revelations. This week she enjoyed a break in the Hamptons with pal GWYNETH PALTROW.

My Madge insiders say the singer told Gwyn she's shocked her family are not taking her side over the book.

The source told me: "Madonna has been crying and is in a real state over this. The feeling of betrayal is too much to bear. She can't wait for Branson's epic trip so she can get away from this mess."




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hi rav... those virgin flights go to outer space, which isn't quite the same as the moon - just the edge of the atmosphere. and the book has been out for about a month and is quite a good trashy read. otherwise, a good story and up to your usual high standards!

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