Billy Idol, Brixton Academy


"IT'S hot in London tonight" were the words that rang around a packed, sweaty Brixton Academy on Thursday night.

Standing on the speakers at the front of a packed Brixton Academy, dripping with sweat and still with that trademark spiky hairdo , was the man of the moment: Billy Idol.

For anyone in the auditorium it could have been 1986 all over again. Billy doesn't look any different now to then, and still possesses the ability to grab the audience by the cahoonahs.

Idol was on sprightly form as he turned back time to deliver an astonishing 100 minute set packed with catchy rock anthems.

You forget how good they were. His performance of the international smash Hot In The City was the high point in his enthralling set in a sauna-like Brixton.

Incredibly Idol's unique brand of husky, rock-pop remained as strong as ever, perhaps even better then in his heyday. His vocals and stage presence meant that his hits set was intense and immensely watchable.

He delivered a raft of awesome vocals on many of his smash hits including the gob smacking Eyes Without A Face, Mony Mony and Dancing With Myself

Unusually Idol even had the crowd hooked with a selection of his newer tunes including John Wayne and New Future Weapon. Unlike most rock bands trying out newish songs didn't have everyone heading for the bar. In fact had this been 1986 both would've been top 10 hits

Idol's set kicked-off with an astounding three track bombardment of rock pleasure.

First up Idol was greeted with a riotous cheer as he swung his hips and got his legs into the tightest pair of strides for Cradle of Love.

That was followed by Dancing With Myself and Flesh Or Fancy. The crowd was hooked and from there he could do no wrong. Acoustic versions of Sweet 16 and Hot In The City were exceptional but Idol owes a lot to his simply brilliant band.

Guitarist Steve Stevens is simply outrageous on his weapon. His skills are sublime, and it's no wonder Idol gave him a 10 minute solo set.

If there were complaints they were minimal; his performance of Eyes Without A Face was good but for some unknown reason rather then spending a bit of cash on a backing singer for the chorus the audience were dished up a pretty shoddy backing track.

The track went from mediocre instead of being a special moment in the show.

Bizarrely one major fault was the lighting incredibly for most of the show Billy Idol performed in the dark as the spotlights centered in one place, missing the fact that showstopper Idol was determined to tread every board on stage.

The conclusion to the night was simple. If you're 55 and look 35, sing like an 18 year old and command your audience-then you're on a winner. Well done Billy

Pick up a copy of his new greatest hits Idolise Yourself, and savour an hour of upbeat, soft rock magic – I bet you won't stop singing.

Review by Andrew Rutter and James Desborough.



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Rock on


Great Concert Review.

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Billy rocked in every sense of the word, waiting for one hour and forty five minuites did not, what is the story with Brixton Academy always delaying gigs by around two hours from the scheduled start time, is this crowd explotation to sell more drinks? I think so!!

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