Bob Geldof's latest gift to Africa. Peaches.

Peaches_boxDO-GOODER Sir BOB GELDOF is sending druggie daughter Peaches to AFRICA, I can reveal.

The scruffy poverty campaigner has had enough of her wild-child ways and is hoping a spell helping others might whip her into shape.

Peaches Geldof slideshow

And the 19-year-old party girl— who recently collapsed from a heroin overdose—is being told to expect her time on the continent to be TOUGH.

A source told me: "Party time for Peaches is over. Bob has simply had enough of her being out of control. She'll be sent out to do some good this summer and put her drug-taking ways behind her."

Sir Bob—the main man behind Live Aid and Live 8—is turning to charity work again—this time to help his own daughter get some perspective.

Our insider said: "Bob has spent his life helping those with miserable and poor lives. Back home, all Peaches has done is act like the spoilt little rich kid."



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