Heather Mills frantic over new revelations

Heather_boxMISERABLE Mucca HEATHER MILLS is panicking over what her ex-publicist MICHELE ELYZABETH will reveal next.

Furious Michele, who defended Heather in the US for four years before quitting last week, has already said she doesn't believe the stash of secret tapes Mucca threatened Sir PAUL McCARTNEY with ever existed.

Now Heather is terrified even juicier revelations are just around the corner.

A source said: "Michele knows where all the bodies are buried—not literally, of course—but what she knows is bad enough to bring Heather down in flames.

"Heather is going frantic over whether she'll talk or not."



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I hope she does spill the beans on Heather. That woman tried to destroy Paul McCartney and his family with her lies, and I hope everything gets exposed. It amazes me how anyone could have partnered with Heather knowing that every abuse Heather accused Paul of was wrong. Michele is no angel in this and is also a piece of dirt. These are two women that I am embarrassed are part of the female species. It's amazing what people will do for money, including destroying an innocent man and his family.


Karma. It will bite you in the ass every single time. And it's far past time Heather reaps the
pain that she caused her own child and the McCartney


Sir Paul McCartney had to endure much of his personal life being splashed around the media because he ex wife could not act with maturity and respect during their divorce. He maintained silence and dignity during what was a tough time in his life, most probably for the sake of his beautiful daughter, Beatrice.

Heather will hopefully get a taste of her own medicine and finally realise what it's like to wear the shoe on the other foot, so to speak.

I'm not a vindictive person, but part of me can't help feeling that I hope the agent, Michele (who is no angel herself!) will spill the beans and finally show Heather Mills to be the self-centred, egotistical and arrogant person I always thought she was. In doing so, it will re-affirm the majority of the public's opinion of her.

Heather, you have your £125 million now go and "Do one" and leave us all in peace!!!

Good riddance!


Never mind heather, there's a lady by the name of Ms miller clipping at your heels. My moneys on her....

Fc Osborne

Tis said that "there is no smoke without fire?" And "it takes two to tango!" Everyone blames the "bitch,"and her adverse publicity attracted! Does'nt warrant Heather Mills "coming up Smelling of roses" She looks the devil part,but there is little doubt that Paul married her on the rebound,and that Paul McCartney is well known for being somewhat "carefull" with money,so that he was ripe for being taken to the cleaners by this opportunist and "shady lady" But that deffinately does NOT entitle anyone to ride rough-shod over an icon such as the Beatle! And despite her repitation being in tatters now;there'll be some prat ready in the wings to take her on!

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