'Too thin' Jessica Biel's beer & burgers diet


TALK about greasy lovers—JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE is so worried his lady JESSICA BIEL is too thin, he's ordered her to pig out on BURGERS and BEER.

A source told me: "Jessica really loves to work out and so does Justin, but lately it seems like that's all she is doing.

"Justin is trying to get it through to her that she can take some time out to enjoy burger and beers."

Justin shows yet again why he is EVERY woman's dream man.



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She looks fine to me - she has a great healthy athletic body with good muscle tone, not the skeletal size 0 bodies that are usually paraded in la-la-land! You stick to your guns girl and keep working out!


Just goes to show how warped everyone's views of womens bodies is Amanda - that tiny dress is totally hanging off of her. Some exercise is fab, but too much is an obsessional disorder and she should tone it down.


Without real jobs, working out is part of daily life for Hollywood types. I personally think she looks great, she's well toned rather than stick thin.


No... she just fine, she did a great work out with her body.

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