Vantage Point


By Ian McCreath

In trying to emulate those big budget super slick US TV shows, 'Vantage Point' is at an immediate disadvantage.

Shows like '24', 'The Sopranos', & 'The Kill Point' have the luxury of a whole series to flesh out characters and tease with plots.

This movie has to do it all in a couple of hours.

Sadly it shows as the promising start makes way for disappointment and cliche by the end.

The assassination of the US President on the eve of an historic treaty signing in Spain is repeatedly played out from the various 'Vantage Points' of the main characters.

A great idea for a thriller which should have been able to ramp up the tension to an adrenaline fueled finale before topping it off nicely with a hum-dinger of a "I never saw THAT coming'  plot twist.

Unfortunately whilst the  performances are fine and the direction slick, the film is badly let down by two dimensional characters and a damp flannel of an ending.

Let's face it if you don't see this twist coming you'd have to be watching it from the 'Vantage Point' of having your head in a paper bag.

Worth an evenings viewing on DVD- unless you've the time to watch the real deal on those US TV imports.

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